Weekly Summary – 11

The first assignment I selected this week was actually the most fun assignment for me.   I selected some of the pics that best depict my life. Most of the pics are of me, my family and places that I’ve recently traveled – this pretty much sums up my life right now. I uploaded them to Movavi and then added music that was available for download within the app, as well as a voiceover for narration. I actually am beginning to really like Movavi – I’m still in the trial period right now and so I will see how I feel at the end of the 7 days. This process wasn’t as difficult for me since I had some practice with using this app from last week. Photo cred all belongs to me or someone from the Wilson clan lol.

Get to know Ora

My second assignment was a video assignment to which we were asked to do a video montage of images and/or video of the places that you would like to go, and add music that is native to the that area or just something fun. For this, I am still in love w/Bora Bora and so I went online, downloaded some images of Bora Bora to my computer, and this time I actually used the video editing software on my laptop (I can’t really tell what it is) but I have Windows. I was looking for the name “Movie Maker” but can’t seem to find it however it’s very very good and easy to work with, easier than Movavi. After I saved the pics, I was able to easily upload them to the software, add some fun music and then save and upload to youtube below.

Bora Bora Video!

So for my last point assignment, I chose I’m a Girl.  This assignment, honestly, it didn’t have any instructions but was called “I’m a girl” so I just went with my imagination and said that I would gather pics of some of my favorite “girl stores” to shop and also include some music to it; so I did

I’m a Girl!

I only got to 2 of 3 TDC’s this week 🙁  but here they are:

The first one was regarding a distant memory and this was pretty straight forward for me as I am constantly rehearsing distant memories of my deceased brother to whom I grew up with before he was suddenly killed in a car accident.

The other TDC that I responded to was the childhood song. Boy, I can remember my grandmother singing this song as a kid in church and my mother playing it on a local radio station every Sunday morning. 🙂



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