WeEk SiX sUMmaRy!

This week was pretty cool!  Overall, I the level of effort to understand and figure out exactly what I was doing pretty much remained consistent but i was able to figure it out so that was good for me.  I really loved the article about Kidd and his book – really inspired me to order that book for my son who’s an aspiring artist.

Wow; what a perspective!

The design blitz did take more effort as I don’t find myself taking pics of objects throughout the day so I really had to be more conscious to do this. Overall, that was pretty fun.  The details on each item for the blitz is within the post.

Design blitz

As far as the 12 stars worth of assignments, that was pretty fun this week!

Fire Eagle!

Fire Eagle talks about the superhero I created. Needless to say, it was the first time I’d ever done anything of that nature and although that site was pretty basic, it was fun and my kids were so startled to see Mommy creating a Super Hero character! The inspiration for the costume design come from my love of any color in the tan, gold, orange arena and this is the closest I could get with the selections given! I loved the style of the top – very retro.

Confidence is YOU!

Confidence is you is in relation to my created character, Gallapher.  This assignment asked to make a card using an online design program. I used spark.adobe.com to do so – pretty easy to use.

Lastly, for those assignments, I selected the option to create a new class logo:


The daily creates for this week:

Dunkin dogs! I thought dogs had a nice ring to it?  No? 🙂 Well, not to many places offer specialty hotdogs – might be worth a shot!

Batboy is of COURSE saving the world!

Oh -and those left lane cruisers  ? pet PEEEEEEVVVEEEEE!!!


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