Week 12

This week was full of mashups and remixes with a touch of tutorial.  🙂  I used a lot of my photo editor software on my HP laptop as well as pictures from google and I used stripgenerator for one of my Twitter responses.

I decided to do my tutorial on the assignment entitled “I’m a girl”. I chose this assignment b/c I recently completed it during video week and thought it was super fun, simple and a way for me to express my love for “girl stuff” and so I figured it would be really fun to create a tutorial for! 🙂 Enjoy!

I’m a girl tutorial

For one of my star assignments, So this assignment was pretty fun as I was able to kind of create something that would go through my mind every single time I was stuck in Northern VA/ DC traffic while commuting. I would ALWAYS fantasize about being able to just fly my car above all the stalled, SITTING traffic to be able avoid the horrific 2-3 hour commute -well, here I am! For this assignment, I mashed two photos to show the superhero power I’d use during my everyday life.

Peace Ouuuttt!!!

For the next star assignment, I had to take 2 actors and mash them together into one photo and try to make sure that they look like they belong in their setting. Well Mr. DiCaprio here and the actress to whom I don’t know her name but was the only actress that I could find after about 3 searches who fit the theme, definitely looked like they belong together. I spent about 45 min trying to edit this photo w/the Microsoft photo app and it just didn’t work so instead of posting the mess, I’m posting the version that doesn’t look horrible…maybe she’s the good voice, trying to talk him out of his next move…

Photo Mashhh

For the last star assignent, I decided on the holiday mashpup as an option to express my love for my top 3 holidays.

Holiday Mashup

For one of the remix assignments, My remix instructions were to take an assignment and give it a cancer awareness message. Make it a general cancer sucks message or pick a specific cancer close to your heart and create a way to convince others to get screened, raise money, or simply support the cause. My message is this; a lot of ailments and cancers are a result of what’s going on mentally in the mind and body ( I believe this and some research has shown) so outside of getting preventative screenings, I want to pass the message of living a stress free and healthy life every single day. This way, your body has no tolerance for major sickness b/c it’s in it’s intended, original state on a day to day basis.

Cancer Remix..

I also completed a few TDC’s below – the comic figurative one was very interesting as I’d never used stripgenerator before so that was pretty cool – just doesn’t seem like there is a lot to choose from.


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