Final Project!

My final!  So as mentioned in last week’s post, for my final, I used audio/images/design and created a Part II of my radio show story about my character named Gallapher.  If you recall, Gallapher is a horse who, in a nutshell, revitalizes children w/low self esteem by sweeping in, in the middle of the night and taking them on a journey to “self”.  This happened in my radio show to a little girl named Honor.  This story is picking up the morning after that happened.  I ran into a few issues with this project as it took forever.  First, I used Audacity to record the audio.  I used the site to get the sound effects clips, saved those and then uploaded to audacity.  Then the issues came.  I had gotten comfortable with Movavi move editor but didn’t realize until I went to start with the visuals that the free trial had run out . So, I went searching for another platform and found “Videopad”.  This appeared to be free so I went to work!  After hours of working, which included uploading my audacity audio file, clipping and editing/designing pics and then uploading to videopad, then putting the pics in the proper order over the sound, I realized that I could NOT export without purchasing a license.  So, that’s the level of what I’ve been dealing with this past week but never the less I got it done!  Now, I have to upload this as a file and it will open in Videopad so please excuse all of the extra and focus on the content.  It’s certainly not professional, but I will say this – in August, I NEVER would’ve imagined that I’d be able to do anything of this nature at ALL so I’m grateful for all that that I’ve learned in this class!!  thank you!!

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