Design blitz

This week’s design blitz was interesting.  The 4 areas that I attempted to represent are color, rhythm, typography, and dominance.


This is a picture of a green wall.  My son actually chose this color for his room when we moved last year.  I thought this was simple, yet very rich in color and the shade alone captures you right way!  I think this color is very powerful in the sense that it says something about the personality of the person selecting and/or the reason it was selected.  He is definitely very outgoing, strong spirited and just an all around talkative, social butterfly so I can honestly see the connection in the color he chose.


This is a picture of a shade.  Definitely represents rhythm to me, specifically bc of the even space and repetition in between each line.  Pretty simply but good representation of rhythm.


This is actually a picture of my business communication book.. I hope that I am doing this justice but from what I read in the articles, this does a great job of giving the observer tremendous insight as to what this book is about.  You see various methods of communication in this pic along with a persons from different walks of life/occupations.


This is a picture of a writing journal.  Almost the entire journal is covered in the pink circles with the exception of about 2 inches of solid color to the left.  The circles are definitely dominating the design of this book if you ask me.



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