The Beast of Bray Road – Lost Tapes

Based on the readings, this seems to fall within the myth arena.  The myth here regarding the beast seems to be a sacred tales by the residents in that Wisconsin area and still seem relevant today, according to the story.  In terms of the storytelling, overall, I think it was pretty good.  The use of music and sound was amazing and matched the goal of the story – to scare and bring attention to something very important and dangerous.  I also think the storytelling from the narrator perspective was good. The word choice came across in the proper manner.  The only thing that I would say needed work were the visuals.  It seemed to me that the facial expressions of some of the individuals involved didn’t seem too convincing at times but overall, I think it was good.


Week 2 Summary

Week 2 assignments were definitely a challenge for me, but in the end, I think I did pretty well.  I was assigned to the video group so we were tasked with creating an assignment to add to the bank as well as finding a good example of video storytelling.  For the assignment created, I decided to require a video of the top 5 people, places and things that are of most importance to you.  Take about 30 seconds to video and speak to and then post.  I did this because I am a person who is always careful to honor those people, places, and things that mean the most to me – I think that’s an essential part of life satisfaction.  As for the video, I found a League of Legends video that I spoke to in an earlier post here.

I also posted about 3 of the assignments completed from the bank to include posting a favorite pic and talking about it, selecting someone inspiring to discuss, and also finding a creative way to customize the letters in my name.  Now that I look at the first two assignments, they are definitely similar in nature as each of the ask about something of importance in my life essentially.  The word creation was pretty neat as I went to a website that I hadn’t used before to do so

I also customized my blog a bit as participated in the daily creates on twitter.

Daily Create 1

Daily Create 2

Daily Create 3

That is definitely interesting as some of the asks seem so simple but they actually require quite a bit of creativity that for me, I have not tapped into in a very long time to be honest.  All in all, it was a great week.  On to week 3!

Ora, Ora, Ora

This task was pretty simple – to write your name in a different, really unique way.  So, I decided to give the referenced website a try – and it was definitely pretty cool to see all of the different fonts that you are not used to seeing everyday.  The below 3 are what stood out the most to me:

の尺ム, ØŘΔ, ꂦꋪꍏ

Nothing short of Amazing!
Colin Kaepernick/Twitter

I was actually most recently inspired by the entire situation with Nike and Kaepernick.  Everyone will have their own opinion, and I very much respect that.  For me personally though, this story has been truly inspiring given his journey (that I’m sure we don’t know every single detail about) and how he basically had to give up everything to follow his heart and what he truly believed in.  At the end of the tunnel, there was light – Nike, a major corporation, publicly backing him – something that most of us never expected.  For Nike, it shows their character and values and for Kaepernick, even if you completely agree, you can’t help but be inspired by his drive, determination, and consistency to stand up for what he truly believed in.  I’m inspired.

New Age Legend?

Given that I am in the video group, one of the tasks assigned was to provide an example of good storytelling, within our class theme.  This subject is certainly not my forte so I began to search youtube for different examples and came up with this video to which I thought could potentially be a good example?  I say that because of 1 – the graphics, they look amazing to me.  Secondly, I thought it was great because they really didn’t say much however, that did not take away from me following the storyline.  You could easily depict who was on what team and who seemed to be the “good guys” or the Lengend vs “bad guys”.  As I’m watching the video, my kids come over and are like “oh Mommy, that’s League of Lengends” and I’m like….ok. :-/

1, 2, & 3!

This is one of my favorite pics bc it’s showing my 3 most prized accomplishments – my 3 guys!  From oldest to youngest  – Christian, Gabe, and Noah are my 3 boys and are some of the most awesome human beings ever!  I love their drive, determination, and desire to succeed in life – even at these ages.   

Week 1 summary

There was definitely quite a few things to do this week to get set up.  I had to set up the sound cloud account as well as slack.  I already had the others, but honestly don’t use Twitter nor Instagram a lot so all of it was virtually new.  I feel like I really struggled with “embedding” the links into the “content” area?  I’m not sure if I did this correctly bc my intros are not showing as links.  Also, one of the asks for the summary is to link my other posts – not entirely sure how to do that either.  I feel like I would like a better understanding of the “why” behind each media (i.e. Why would someone use soundcloud? or What is this mostly used for? etc) There are a LOT of media outlets (hope I’m using the correct terminology) out there and it can get really confusing. I will also add that I don’t think I’ve EVER posted a video of myself on social media so that also was a first that made me a bit nervous.  All in all, a pretty good start, just a bit more understanding in the areas mentioned above would help a lot.

Thoughts on Theme

As far as my thoughts on this week’s theme, it’s definitely a different area of exploration for me.  I mean, outside of my kids being into Marvel/DC Comic superhero stuff to which I’m not sure falls within either or these categories, I’m totally unfamiliar so this will all be new for me.  I’m sure that from the looks of it and the reading that there are many different routes to take with this so it should definitely be interesting.